About Me


I studied art, sociology and health science. When young I was involved with anti-poverty campaigns in the voluntary sector. I had various part-time jobs but stopped work for a period when one of my 3 kids was diagnosed with a metabolic illness which meant she over-produced insulin.
I became interested in homeopathy when she had impetigo, an infectious, blistering skin condition. After 2 courses of antibiotics had failed to clear it up I took the advice of a mum-friend at school and contacted my local homeopath. I was impressed by the sophisticated approach she took towards my daughter’s health.  She explored her medical history in depth. The impetigo cleared up in days. Then she supported her general state of health

I have never looked back. Since then I have used homeopathy for all the family and some of my friends too.

As a therapist I am sensitive when meeting worried parents. I understand that sometimes people need to take medication and may feel isolated and unsupported. Thankfully, homeopathy can be used alongside conventional medicine.


My prescriptions are based on a detailed case history, and are directly related to the signals the body sends out, as physical symptoms or emotional responses, including how the patient expresses themselves.

I am interested in what was going on in a person’s life when they became ill, thereby, getting to the source of the problem.

I am interested in conditions that are difficult to treat conventionally.

If blushing is an example of how a common benign emotion can cause physiological changes in our bodies imagine what happens when we experience stronger, negative emotions for a prolonged period?

It seems to me that the human body is highly dynamic and strives towards self-healing. Whilst no-one knows the exact mechanism by which homeopathy works people have been finding it useful for 250 years.

It is believed to be an energy medicine that helps the body heal itself.

Consultations are friendly, empathetic and patient-centred. The consultation itself often makes patients feel better, although, I believe the remedies are effective active agents.

For those who have little, or no knowledge of homeopathy, I offer a free initial phone call. For those who would like to learn more about how they can use remedies at home, for themselves, I organise classes along with colleagues for small local groups.

Contact me for further information at corinnedowd1@yahoo.co.uk or call 07900059693


BSc Health Science,

BA Social Science,

Post graduate diploma Adult Nursing, Diploma Systems Analysis & Design

Licentiate to Practice Homeopathy from the University of Westminster (London)

Registered member of  The Society of Homeopaths.

I work in accordance with SOH National Occupational Standards and Code of Ethics and practice regular supervision.